Ragnar Lothbrok Promarker drawing.


finally managed to do another drawing!!! A Promarker picture of Ragnar Lothbrok from the tv series, Vikings. Awesome show.


The old horror film stars!


Promarker drawing of the old horror film stars! done with Ice grey markers! nothing beats the old horrors! 😀

anime keychains.

good news! Galactic colours has a stall at Doj-con, an anime convention at dundee! this time i’m also making some keychains to sell. keychains

These are the anime keychains i’ve made which were made from shrink plastic! first i sketched out the design on my notebook then placed the drawing under a sheet of shrink plastic where i could lightly trace what i’ve drawn, then outline and colour in. i used promarkers to colour in each drawn. always use a lighter shade than what you want as the colour comes out stronger once heated.

After colouring, cut out the picture, try cutting smoothly as you don’t want it sharp. Next get a hole punch and punch a hole close to the top, not too close.

Next place them in the oven round 175, watch them closely, they fold bend and roll about but then they flatten down once they shrink and once you take them out quickly place a flat object, like a heavy book, over them just so they stay flat. then thats it! add the keychain!
sketchThese are a couple of sketches i did on my notebook, always draw them much larger than you want as they shrink to about a third of the size.


Catwoman ACEO!

Decided to do an ACEO, Which is small art that measures 2.5″x3.5″ the size of a trading card! so it was pretty difficult drawing that small, so for next time i think i’ll need a smaller brush lol. i used marker pens and watercolour pencils for this and white ink for the highlights!